June 24, 2010

Healthy Heart Rate

When I started working out this past February, I could barely walk up four flights of stairs without being out of breath by the time I reached the top. I would check my heart rate at the gym, regularly, and also noticed that my heart rate would always be around 170-175. I'm not an expert on heart rate (what's good or what's bad), but I know that having a heart rate that high throughout an entire workout isn't a positive sign.

Today, almost 6 months later, I kept my heart rate below 160 the entire time I was working out. I was really proud of myself because I knew that my heart rate used to skyrocket on the machines as soon at I started my workout session.

I bet I could walk up those four flights of stairs now!

The main goal of working out is to become more active and healthy. Yes, losing the pounds is an added bonus, but if you were being chased (let's hope not!), you would want to be able to run away without falling over and passing out. To achieve this goal of beating out an unknown predator, you must keep your heart rate at a healthy level while working out. You should be tired during and after your workout, but you shouldn't be falling over from exhaustion.

Here is a good heart rate chart that will help you figure out what your normal heart rate should be and what your heart rate should be while working out.

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